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Systematic optimization of your Evaluationprocess

Ask the right people, the right questions at the right time

automated HR development
We evaluate the whole process of continuing education

Preliminary survey

Evaluate participants before a training

  • Individual learning objectives
  • Adjust training content by redistributing feedback to Trainers
  • Proactive address educational content

Reaction survey

Evaluate participants right after the training

  • Survey participants satisfaction
  • Asses training quality
  • Gather improvement suggestions from participants

Transfer survey

Evaluate participants after indivdiually set transferperiod

  • Measure the impact of training
  • Monitor the actual change in employee behaviour after a training
  • Assess the on-the-job usability of training content




Get a look into the system

A systematic optimization of your HR development evaluation

optimize HR development

The Evalea evaluation system helps you to take action. Thus, regarding the PDCA-cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) the evaluation system take care of the check-part.

It enables you to monitor and analyse how effective conducted investments were. You can assess the impact of your activities and replace them in the future, when they were too costly and not suficcient enough.

The integration of an evaluation process into your HR development enables long term strategic planning.

Scientific background

Bildungscontrolling cycle

Our evaluationprocess is scientifically valid, since it combines scientific theorie and results from latest studies.

Our evaluationprocess is based on the optimal scientific approach regarding evaluation, in accordance with Kirkpatrick.

Findings of independent surveys carried out have been used to adapt the evaluationsystem, in order to meet the wishes regarding usability of HR- and people development professionals.

Thereby we guarantee you scientific validity and practice-oriented usability, to evaluate simple and efficient.

Key figures

Our automated evaluation system provides you with all relevant metrics related to your HR development.

Always have a detailed overview of your HR development expenses, ranging from costs per training and employee to overall expenditure.

Compare employee ratings with expenses and optimize investment allocation.

measure HR development

Ihre Mitarbeiter und deren Fähigkeiten sind die wertvollste Ressource in Ihrem Unternehmen. Investments in Ihr Human Kapital müssen zielgerichtet gelenkt werden.

Mit diesem Rechner wollen wir Ihnen eine erste Orientierung bieten wie viel Ihr Unternehmen durch das Evalea Evaluationssystem einsparen kann.

Wie viele Mitarbeiter hat Ihr Unternehmen?


Anzahl Weiterbildungsmaßnahmen pro Mitarbeiter pro Jahr?




Identifikation ineffizienter Maßnahmen

Gesamtausgaben für Weiterbildung

1.552.500 €

Anteil ineffizienter Maßnahmen


Einsparpotential mit Evalea

221.250 €

Zeitersparnis im Evaluationsprozess

Zeitaufwand für die Evaluation

1.568 Std.

Zeitersparnis mit Evalea

1.513 Std.

Einsparpotential mit Evalea

37.813 €

Ihr gesamtes Einsparpotential

259.063 € p.a.

Nutzungsgebühr Evalea

11.385 € p.a.

Improve the quality of your HR development by avoiding misallocations!

Evalea -Geld einsparen, Qualität steigern

How much can you save?

We can easily integrate our system – if needed

Do you already have an existing HR system – but want to benefit from the advantages of our evaluation system?

No problem – we can easily integrate our system into your existing one. Through the integration you can persist a homogeneous data landscape and benefit from the advantages of automated evaluation. Continuous updates guarantee you are always up-to-date, wihtout the purchase of a new version.

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