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financial savings with continuing training evaluation

Financial Savings

Avoid misallocations of your training and development expenses

  • Cut inefficient training and education in order to use your financial resources where it counts.
  • Stop paying too much for a training course, because we evaluate its use to you and thus adequates instructor fees.
  • Optimize your training, education and development portfolio - based on the latest scientific findings.

Save additional costs on past expenses with the help of transfer survey.

You can calculate your financial savings with our savings calculator.

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Be one step ahead of your competitors

  • Use our Benchmark to see your potential
  • You will receive the latest comparables in relation to participants’ course satisfaction and the applicability of what they have learned
  • Our benchmark show realistic market values which helps you to take action

Innovative market leaders already use our system – follow their lead

benchmark continuing training evaluation

continuing training evaluation saves time

Save Time

Significant time savings by means of our tool

  • Time savings: up to four hours evaluation work per training
  • Processing time of evaluations: 20-times faster than status quo in businesses
  • Simplified tool to manage human resource development activites

Reduce effort for optimised results.

Save your time

Transfer Survey

Make sure to monitor transferprocesses

  • We meet your needs by adapting our system to your individual wishes
  • Use our copyrighted questionnaires to monitor employees on-the-job transfersprocesses of learning objectives
  • Assess training impact in order to optimize allocation

…ready to create higher impact?

learning transfer with continuing training evaluation

continuing training evaluation improves training impact

Improve Quality

Developed by theory and devolved with practitioners

  • Organise and evaluate new human resource development activites more efficient – right from the start
  • Our copyrighted questionnaires contain every single factor crucial for a systematic transferprocess
  • You get measurable insights in order to optimise your learning outcome

Make sure to ask the right people, the right questions at the right time.

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